Qui suis je ?

Flavia Palmeira leaves Rio de Janeiro in 1988. Fascinated by special effects, she decides to make a « small incursion » into the universe of artistic make up.

After 18 months spent in a Parisian make up school, and realizing that the school’s technical level was far below her expectations, she goes to work with Stephane Marais, who takes her on as his assistant for 3 years:
She enters the fascinating world of fashion and performing arts, a world one dreams of but with very high standards.

She subsequently works with top professionals in the spheres of fashion (Lacroix, Galliano, Saint-Laurent, Gaultier…) television and theatre. A breakthrough occurred when Japanese professionals came to work with her. In this new phase she decides to share her knowledge with the new generation hoping also to pass on her motivation.

Confronted with various teaching programmes both for beginners and professionals, she notes both positive aspects and lacunae and understands the expectations and frustrations of students.

The idea of creating her own set-up emerges as a means of putting to use her wide experience to offer them a thorough training which answers their needs.